Forex Société Générale

forex Société Générale

and Kerviel's apartment in the western suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine 15 to seize his computer files. Allen, Peter; Rayner, Gordon. The police are investigating whether he worked alone, and whether any investors outside of Société Générale may have been tipped in advance. "Bank Outlines How Trader Hid His Activities".

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forex Société Générale

Jérôme Kerviel, a trader with the company. "French Bank Says Rogue Trader Lost 7 Billion". "Rogue French trader taken into custody". Officials say Kerviel was careful to close the trades in just two or three days, just before the trades' timed controls would trigger notice action forex points de pivot from the bank's internal control system, and Kerviel would then shift those older positions to newly initiated trades. 16 On January 26, 2008, the Paris prosecutors' office stated that Kerviel "is not on the run. 4 Methods used edit The bank states that Kerviel was assigned to arbitrage discrepancies between equity derivatives and cash equity prices, 9 and "began creating the fictitious trades in late 2006 and early 2007, but that these transactions were relatively small. Kerviel states his actions were known to his superiors and that the losses were caused by panic selling by the bank.

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